Herbarium Photo Collection: Ferns, Conifers, Cycads, Flowers, Trees, Mosses, Grasses, Pests and Diseases.

3111 species in 219 families photographed.

35028 images total.


 Plant anatomy, Hybrids, Pests and Diseases, Carnivorous, Myco-Heterotrophic, Parasitic, Albinos, Fungi, Succulents, Cactuses, Aquatic, Nut-fruited, Tuberous, Ferns, Mosses, Bulbs, Mutants, Witches' brooms, Fairy rings, Prolific petals, Bad luck, Good luck, Colors, Burls, Mycelium, Molds, Journeys. 


Fungarium Photo Collection: Boletes, Toadstools, Agaricomycetes, Fungi, Molds and Myxomycetes.

499 species in 109 families photographed.

7083 images total.

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Photos Collection: Macro and Micro Lichens, Lichenized Fungi, Algae.
20 species photographed.

132 images total.



Photos Collection: Algae and Seeweeds
4 species in 4 families photographed.

76 images total.

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